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It's not the road that kills

It's not the road that kills, it's driver error that kills. People speed up and down that road because they choose too it's an open country road so they feel the need to speed and then that sharp curve hits them and it's too late.

My heart goes out to Jessica's family, she was a beautiful young women with bright future who was a hard working women and a newly wed.

But we can't point fingers and start blaming the state and county for not fixing and or correcting 133 due to recent accidents / fatal accidents on this road. It's not the roads fault it's the drivers fault. It's speed, physical conditions, and driver errors that are causing the accidents not the roads. There are many roads thru out the state, country everywhere that have accidents, fender bender & even fatalities, but it's not the road that kills it's the drivers that kills. The stupidity and driver error. Not the road.

Blaming the state and County will not bring your loved one back and no amount of money trying to sue will put a price tag on a loved ones life.

So please life is too short take time slow down enjoy life. Speed and physical condition is not worth putting your life nor anyone else on the road life in danger. Life is to short.


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