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Drowning death

I talked to a Sheriff deputy after the body was recovered last spring and he told me a few things that the starnews/wway did not report. The things he told me are much more inline with an accidental death than the news is trying to portray. When the vehicle was recovered the body was in the back seat. The driver door interior was kicked and beaten and the victim had injuries of those that someone who physically tried to open a door underwater would have. (car doors are nearly impossible to open once submerged.) The interior roof/headliner had basically been clawed out of the car. The trunk was open. My theory is that when this guy accidentally drove in the water the first thing he tried to do was escape but the pressure was to great to open the door. He was driving a rental car that he was unfamiliar with. Next he probably tried to roll down the windows but it was too late because the electrical system had gone haywire after being submerged in saltwater. I believe the next thing he did was put the car in park and turn off the key in hopes that he would be able to open/unlock the door with the transmission in that position. After all of these escape attempts failed I believe he crawled to the back seat as it was probably still floating while the heavier front end of the car was going down first. It is a really sad story and it is very sad that the news is not only trying to sensationalize this story but also portray it in a different light to the reader. God bless his family.


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