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Thats why are schools have

Thats why are schools have become "War Zones". When I was in school, in the late 70's, an act like this would have brought immediate expulsion, for the year. You knew better. And the few times, crazy stuff like this happened, it never happened again.

Now we have deputies having to patrol the halls. Gangster thugs can jump another student, and our "politically-correct" administrators just turn their heads. Instead of throwing out the violent bully thug, they hire more deputies, and create more "No Bully" programs.

The worst case was a football player caught selling drugs, out of his locker. He was arrested, taken before the magistrate, then taken right back to to school. The principle chewed him out, reminded him of the "zero-tolerence policy", then sent him back to class. Then the principle said he felt bad about "having to be so stern".

Back then, so what if 2 dozen troublemakers were taught a true life lesson, and thrown out. It saved the year, for the thousand others, that obided by the rules.


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