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For whom the bell tolls

We all have out own political views however, what sickens me most is the "I'm voring for Obama because he's black" mentality.
Vote for someone because you beleive he or she will do the best job.
Sadly enough, neither canidate in my opinion will get America back on her feet, but at the same time as "that middle class family" I can't personally take four more years of a financial meltdown, nor can I aford higher education for my three remaining children under Obama's rule.
If only Reagean were still alive and elgiable...
Or if only Romney was a good a B.S.'erand public speaker as Obama.
This race is not about race, its not about middle, lower, upper class... Its about sustainability, and the next financial decade years of our lives.
Don't vote on color, don't vote on party affiliation.. Vote for who you think in your heart, will lead us to financial recovery.. If you do that, you've personally made the right choice regardless of who you vote for. But "I'm keeping a black man in office", is NOT a valid reason and netier is "we need a white man in office".. That's just ignorant.


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