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Ignorance - Que pendejadas.

Wow! Its pathetic how ignorant and uneducated people are! Y'all really do eat up every word the media throws at y'all.
Stereotype people just by race as well. Yikes, that doesn't speak well about a person's character. Y'all want to comment about something you have no involvement in what so ever! & and yes it's freedom of speech, but makes some people look, in laymen terms, Stupid!
Whatever makes the news huh?! but damn reporters fail to investigate the matter any further! Only report what is convienent.
You all are sorely mistaken. But then again only choose to believe what you see on TV.
It's beyond pathetic, how it's obvious some of the people commenting on here know the individual but only seem to talk "s***" whiles she's behind bars, rather then before. Poor character.
As for the "race" comments, since I'm Hispanic, automatically I'm in a stereotype of being classified as a "mexican drug dealer"?! Rhetorical question. I guess people will never look beyond race, & see that some hispanics are educated w/ degrees! I'm sure some people commenting on here, weren't valedictorians, hold a degree in business and accounting, & another one in allied health & make an honest living! I'm hispanic & proud to say I have achieved all that! I guess people will only see that stereotyped facade, rather then accomplishments & openly judge a person they do not know! Only GOD can judge, but obviously y'all feel divine & privileged to be doing it. Ignorance, what an awful trait instilled in some. No one stopped to question this story, since it's on the news, she must be the person that is doing it?! In time, the truth will come out, but I'm sure the media will fail to report that. Keep on judging a woman you assume is dumping drugs into your city. Everyone knows what happens when one ASSumes.
The sh*tty human beings are the ones so humbly showing such ignorance.
God Bless.


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