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State Senate Race

Deb Butler is so disengenuous when it comes to this campaign and inflammatory. Look at the facts! Please research the following links yourself to become more familiar with the facts! Thom Goolsby and the current legislature did NOT impose this ultrasound on the woman, the Democractic legislature past did! All they wanted was the woman to see the same ultrasound. Wouldn't you want to? Wouldn't you want to make a decision based upon ALL information available? Further, Deb Butler will not support YOUR vote for the marriage amendment. Again, follow the link. How can she represent us all fairly and with full access to information, when these ads are intended to sway the vote at all cost without ramifications? This is truly sad and presents a grave leadership potentional. Critical and sound thinking would bring most to the same conclusion. Do your own research and vote responsibly! Thom brought many fiscal and responsible legislation to us all, including the change in forced annexation which affected many. The budgets are in line and the future is only going to go FORWARD! Vote for Thom for your security, your children's security and the future of our state. Don't buy the hysteria or hypocrisy! Why do these out-of-state groups want to invest their money into this campaign - Lillian's List, Emily’s List, Women’s Campaign Fund, Victory Fund, NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, and other pro-choice/liberal groups? Do your research, please! and § 90-21.85. "Perform an obstetric real-time view of the unborn child on the pregnant woman." and


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