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Obviously, you should do a

Obviously, you should do a little investigating yourself on issues. Many of the so called "out-of-state" groups are NC groups. It might surprise you to learn that NC has a NARAL and a Planned Parenthood. Lillian's List of NC is ONLY NC. We are supporting Deb Butler because she respects women with their doctors to make decisions affecting their bodies without government interference. I get confused about the Republican agenda when it's members like Thom Goolsby want BIG GOVERNMENT in women's uteruses but consider corporations as people. Finally, look at the legislative roll call. Look at who sponsored "Woman's Right to Know" and review the 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings: it is NOT a Democratic bill. It is a Republican law that Goolsby ABSOLUTELY did vote to support. The only purpose of Goolsby's law is to intimidate and scare women. It's not the government's or Thom Goolsby's place to decide whether a woman should have or see an invasive trans-vaginal ultrasound---and it's not your decision eithe EXCEPT for yourself.


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