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Thom Goolsby and Deborah Butler

I continue to be amazed that Deb Butler keeps throwing trash into the line of fire of Thom Goolsby and there is no need to do so. I have known Thom Goolsby and his family for many years and I have never met a more decent and kind human being. Ms. Butler's nasty advertising speaks for itself. Frankly, I am a happily married woman and knowing she is a self-admitting gay woman says a lot to me. In fact, if Mr. Goolsby ran a dirty campaign, he could always use that tidbit of news and run with it. But, he is not that kind of person. I'm sure she is for gay marriage and we certainly do not want that in North Carolina. Ms. Butler needs to clean herself up and start running a clean campaign. Ugliness, and nasty and dirty campaigning never gets anyone anywhere. The negative remarks and ads are disgusting. The people can see right through it and all she has done is ruin her own reputation. I certainly would not even choose her for an attorney if I needed one. No one wants to be around someone who is always bitter and nasty.


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