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Well.....not everyone in the

Well.....not everyone in the State of North Carolina supports the Marriage Amendment you cannot say that by protecting it that it represents all of the people of the State of North Carolina. Did we really need a definition of marriage? No we did not.

Something to ponder...aren't the same people that want the ultrasounds for women some of the same people that don't want to help women to who will need welfare programs? Aren't many of the same people that want ultrasounds the same people that are afraid to educate teens about safe sex. Education is the key to helping women and young girls, nor forcing an agenda. We need to stop playing politics with the lives of these women and young women.

Additionally, I love how BOTH parties use scare tactics so that you will vote the way you want them to....I feel very strongly that even if Deb was elected my children's security and mine for that matter will be just fine...Even when I don't agree with Deb at least I know where she stands, which is more than I can say for Mr. least I know Deb will listen to me, Deb will work and work very hard.

Furthermore, why is it only considered "sound and critical" thinking when we only think the same way we do...Don't buy the hysteria or Thank you for helping to spread that hysteria and hypocrisy just a little more!


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