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Deb Butler Ads/Policies

Dem challenger Deb Butler famously pulled out transvaginal ultrasound wand to criticize incumbent Sen. Thom Goolsby's vote for Woman's Right to Know law held up in courts by Planned Parenthood. Shouldn't a woman see what the abortionist sees?
FACT: This ultrasound technique was implemented by the Democratic legislature in 1977 and 1994. Follow the link.
FACT: The latest ad features Crist Takey MD Facog FACS, Jacksonville, NC -(910)353-2115- He does perform abortions at this clinic and COULD THIS DOCTOR PERFORMS PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS, which in NC, any abortions after 20 weeks have to be done in a hospital licensed by the state. But the indignant doc in her follow-up ad has run an abortion clinic for 40 years and has a clear economic interest in seeing Deb Butler elected to the NC Senate'as well as the pro-choice groups that support Deb financially.
FACT: Deb Butler will not support the majority NC vote for the marriage amendment - How does this work for the majority?
FACT: Deb Butler is receiving donations from pro-choice and pro-homosexual groups to purport their obvious agendas. NC and national groups want this candidate - MUST - win to continue their left wing bent! How can she represent us - the constituency fairly?


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