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Who Cares what NAACP Thinks

NAACP's only agenda is to advance the colored man into believing still that the white man is the reason for their problems. But did the white man do this:

More unwed single mothers than any race
More crime against other blacks than any other race
More percentage of HS dropouts and uneducated
More percentage of welfare and food stamp moochers
More big butt females with red hair and 3 kids running around loose in grocery stores

Now who causes this. The black folks do it to themselves with no help from anyone. Go to a public housing project and what do you see. Not many whites or hispanics and no orientals, just blacks. NAACP should concentrate on building blacks up and obtaining a education and work skills but no. They want to keep their sorry ass jobs by continuing to blame their woes on everything else but their own faults. Just look at the NC NAACP President, a obese, jerry curl race baiter and the thugs around him and you understand they stand for themselves.


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