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The History of the U.S. of America Speaks For Itself

Dating back to 1609, then the 13 colonies and now the 50 states have had a race problem. So much so that in the U.S. Constitution, Blacks were valued as 3/5 of what whites were being valued. Whites in his country stole land from the Native Americans by force, eventually sent the Indians packing to Oklahoma in a trail of tears, and used Jim Crow to further degrade blacks and bestow upon itself a superior ranking. All one has to do is to examine the history of the United States and it is clear that U.S. of A has and will continue to have a race problem - more so than a gender or sexual orientation problem. Now rather than Jim Crow laws, we see a multi-faucet pipeline leading from public schools to prisons for the slightest of infractions. We see a privatization of prisons (Correctional Corporation of America) whose stock holders and officers advocate "zero tolerance" laws in various states that lead to mass incarceration of Black men and women. As W.E.B. Dubious so eloquently stated, The major problem of the 21st Century is the race problem.


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