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My personal view of the NAACP

I view the NAACP as a true narrow minded racist organization whom pretends to represent equality for all, yet come across to myself as a group of racially motivated American citizens of African heritage that portray themselves to stand for the rights of "all" minorities and claim to not hold prejudice, yet stand for only Blacks and mixed race persons with a blood link of African decent, and use all other parties (such as Hispanics, democrats, religious organizations, liberals, etc.) in favor so long as the affiliation is benificial to further the influence of the wishes of the members of the formentioned party. I feel that the organization is damaging to all nonracist Americans and Americans of African heritage in particular by way of fighting racism with racism. Though I believe it to be unintentional, i feel that it only leads to the spread of racism. Dr. Martin Luther King was wise enough to understand that violence only begets more violence. Likewise, useing racism to fight racism only causes a never ending revolving door and never ending conflict.


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