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O'Grady didn't say the 2.5 figure would gradually decrease, he said the debt would decrease. They have said before that the only way the 2.5 cent rate gets reduced or removed is if some future city council votes to do it, and we know that will never happen. O'Grady was being intentionally oblique to mask this fact last night, because it is a very valid point that he wants people to ignore.
The truth is, this is a bad deal for Wilmington. Contrary to what Mr O'Grady and Saffo want us to believe, there are many other cities out there that got much better deals. Hardly any of the other minor league stadiums use property tax to fund them, but the politicians don't want us to know that. Then Saffo tries to compare Wilmington to Charlotte, which is like comparing t-ball to the Yankees. Him using the Charlotte stadium as an example just shows what lengths he'll go to to try to fool people into thinking this is a good thing. It is not.
If you care about doing the right thing and you are undecided, do what Mr Harry said, read up on this stuff. If you can stand it, read the agreement we signed. If you do that, you will know the right vote is a NO vote.


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