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Proposed building of a "Baseball" Stadium in Wilmington, NC.

The issue of building a "Baseball" stadium in Wilmington, NC is broader than just baseball. While the sport of baseball may be the main attraction at the new stadium during the spring and summer months, it will also host community events year round. It will become Wilmington's largest concert venue. The annual Azelea Festival's events could/would be held there. It can host both high school and college sporting events. The list is long for the types of events that can be brought to the Greater Wilmington community, for which we currently have no venue.

Shorter term benefits, such as job creation, are greatly needed within New Hanover County. Job creation spurred by new development, such as the proposed stadium and the development of the Downtown Cape Fear Riverfront, provide local residents more disposable income to spend within our community. This creates a ripple effect leading to more long term benefits such as local business growth and expansion, attracting new business into the local economy, decrease in unemployment/underemployment, less reliance on social services, increase population to the area, increase for new housing, rise in local tourism, etc..etc..etc.

I can think of numerous reasons why Wilmington residents SHOULD vote YES on the Stadium Tax referendum, but I've only heard one reason as to why we shouldn't vote YES; that is, an increase of 2.5 cents per $100.00 of home value (an average of $4.00 per month). I (as much as anyone else in Wilmington, NC.) don't need a tax increase and am feeling the impact of the recession of the past few years just like many other local residents. However, it is my opinion that this is a very small amount to pay (invest), for the potential reward to all of us who live, work, and contribute to the Greater Wilmington community.

Lastly, the Stadium will provide affordable family entertainment, and serve as a source of civic pride.

Please vote "YES" on November 6th, 2012 for the Stadium Tax, and make a small investment in your community's future. Those of you who have been living in Wilmington longer than the past 10 years have seen some significant changes within the community (most good, few not so much). Imagine what Wilmington can become in the next 10-20 years if we, her citizens, continue to make investments/improvements in the city we love to call "home".


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