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Why This is a Bad Idea

#1 The agreement that the city signed states the city can only use the stadium for "up to 10 days per calendar year", so that kills your idea that it will "host community events year round".

#2 The highly-touted Dayton stadium, run by Mandalay, has had ZERO concerts thus far this year, so that doesn't exactly guarantee we'll be having them here. And the only concerts we could have would have to be booked by Mandalay because of #1, above.

#3 High schools won't be using the facility, as they would have to pay for the privilege. UNC-W already has an excellent facility and, again, they would be charged a fee to use the stadium. I have heard UNCW is in the early stages of building a new sports complex, so I don't think they have any future plans of using the stadium either.

#4 The jobs created will be few. Long term jobs will be minimum wage, seasonal. If you know anything at all about commercial construction, you know the construction jobs aren't even worth mentioning. They will also be few, and brief.

#5 The whole "build it and we'll get rich" concept has been proven by countless economists to be false. It doesn't work.

What the stadium WILL do, and what other stadiums have proven to do in other cities, is take money away from existing businesses. Families won't shell out the money to go to both the ball park AND Jungle Rapids. They'll choose one or the other.
Ask the guy who owns Jungle Rapids if he thinks the stadium will be good for his business. Ask the guy who runs the Cape Fear Riverboats. Heck, ask the folks over at the Battleship. I think I know what they'll all tell you.


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