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John B

Apparently you've been living in kool-aid'ville if you think the ONLY reason is because it's a tax increase.
It is NOT the function of government, at any level, to build a building for a private enterprise. They can, do, and should offer incentives to attract businesses to an area. The city has over stepped it's bounds in this regard.
Second job creation. You ARE aware that NSS is a flawed study. They counted 125 jobs for 25 years and added them together to come up with thousands of jobs. After questioning by council they admitted the error and now we know the actual figures are 25 to 35 full time jobs with some part tie jobs also created inside the stadium. Ancillary industries that might benefit from this stadium are bars and restaurants who pay their employees LESS than minimum wage and retail industries who may see a bump up in business if, and this is a big if, if the downtown businesses agree to stay open past their current hours of 630pm. So far none that I know of are agreeing to this. The job creation is a myth.
Concerts? Even NSS says 1 per year. The average # of concerts at comaparable ball parks is 1 or 2. High school baseball coaches have already told NSS that they would not do it because of tight budgets. UNCW will continue to use Brooks and the AVERGE number of miscellaneous events is very VERY small. And when you think about it these events would take place whether the stadium was built, or not.
Civic pride? Were we proud of the Waves? The Roosters? Are we NOW proud of the Sharks? The answer is no attendance was and is dismal. But I am not against baseball per se so I will say it could be source of pride.
So it seems it's more than about tax increase - far more.
But thats OK, think what you wish



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