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are always problematic and the NSS survey used them throughout their report to JUSTIFY the numbers they came up with trying to convince US to approve this stadium.
Fort Wayne is a great example because they averaged 1200 to 1300 more attendees per ball game than anyone else in the comparison markets so when NSS said we should achieve X amount of market penetration the numbers were actually overstated. I believe by 30%
If you take just Fort Wayne out of that table the average attendance drops by 1000 per game for the rest of the teams and the predicted average for Wilmington drops as well. (NSS - chapter 6 pg 72) The same thing happens with other events(NSS chapter 6 pg 75). The top team is so far head of everyone else it's an obvious aberration - that is used to RAISE the averages.
NSS was deliberately trying to raise the expectations of success in Wilmington by adjusting the numbers to suit they're desired outcome.
Number of jobs was overstated
Number of other events was overstated
Number of attendees in comparable markets was over stated

Because of this the economic impact s very much over stated.



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