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Remember this....

Your property values just went down...your property taxes went up to compensate the 2 sitting on the left side of this panel...and to help secure monies for this "Dream Big Folks" project in addition to the proposed 2.5 cents per $100. Yes...Dream Big Folks, as Saffo does.
With 2 weeks notice recently, my wife and I just received a mortgage statement notice that our escrow increased $360 per year for property tax increase, and home owners insurance. 2 weeks notice to adjust for an underhanded way of this city receiving funds at our loss...not theirs... "Not Now".
Notice Landfall was thrown out of the equation, for a possible location because of possible traffic if their proposed location has 6 lane roads to handle any kind of traffic this stadium could produce if successful. A Pot calling the Kettle Black huh?
Why are people fighting against this proposed ball field with such negative statements and remarks in recent news as Saffo remarked on? Simple...local tax payers are sick and tired of their funds being snatched away from them, for whatever reason council sees fit.
The issues of adequate roads was not addressed...only in respect to the Mayfair/Landfall area. Funny how those areas were dismissed!
Second's not's obvious!


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