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Dang! ... I was hoping you you were going to say that ...

... I sounded like Luciano Pavarotti.

"The town is increasing the price of the yearly pass to Freeman Park from $60 to $100". Oops, they forgot to mention that's only for the 60% (most) of people who purchased early. Oops they forgot to say they're actually doing it by eliminating the discount. Hey some people say price increase, others say 價格上漲. Same thing. Don't get your panties all bunched together.

Regardless of my and WWAY's egregious disregard for anal obsessive accuracy, you sir are to be commended for guarding the last bastions of truth, accuracy and the American way! Let's face it, without nitpickers, the rest of us would be up to our neck in nits by now!

Have a great day! :-)


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