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It is sad all the way around

It is sad all the way around on this. I used to tell the people who live at Wrightsville Beach their beach sucked. Because of all the raising of their prices for parking. Which is none to say the least and I will not wait two hours for someone to leave. I grew up on both beaches, but mostly at Carolina Beach. I have always defended that beach, even when it was legal to walk up and down the boardwalk with a glass beer bottle or glass in your hand. Now, to raise the price or a yearly pass? What for? What does the beach need now? I would better understand if it was to take care of clean up on that end or something to that nature. I agree with others raise the price of the daily pass for the tourist. As a resident here in our fine town (NOT), I think I have paid enough dues to have some freedoms here. We are taxed and priced for everything here. North Carolina is the worst state for charging us taxpayers for everything we do. It is the highest place to live anymore. It makes me sad to say that my family and I are looking for another state to move to now. The cost of living here is crazy. As for the comment made about "Rednecks", I hate to tell you that it is not the rednecks you need to worry about, it is about irresponsible kids/college brats you need to be concerned about. UNCW might be a great school, but over 70% of them that are here, don't and won't care about our town. Way to go politicians, for talking our small town up and now turning it into a small Charlotte. This town was never meant to get this big, we are over crowded here. If, it keeps going this way, it will be like having River Feast everyday and every where.


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