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You whiney folk have easy options!

Okay, for those that lose the "early purchase discount" and gripe about the loss of a 40 dollar discount (eqates to less than 11 cents a day), then just boycott Freeman Park and head on up to Wrightsville. All you have to contend with there is: A) Finding a parking space, B)Paying out the @$$ for a parking space. C) Being around people that don't want you there in the first place, D) Go home when it gets dark, no camping. E) Getting arrested by the WB Barney's looking for additional revenue. F) The need to sell your 4WD because you can't drive on the beach there anyway.

As far as I'm concerned, there are way too many peeps on the north end anyway. Maybe the cheapskates that whine about 11 cents a day won't be clogging up the venue and can find something more economical for their light pocketbook. There's a balance for everyone, look for it and use it.


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