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What is going to happen with the existing Marina?? and more

Howdy folks, I see there is a marina on this riverfront lot that was intended for the residents of the now incomplete development. There is infrastructure already in place e.g. sewer, water streets and this property is currently paying property taxes.

- What is going to happen to the marina? Is the city going to take that and directly complete with other marina like the one just above the Isabel Holmes bridge?

(I would think that would be a conflict of interest and may violate laws where the city will be in direct competition with a business).

- If the marina is retained; will it be making money and where will that money go?

- Will all this infrastructure come out of the ground or will some of it be recycled to save the tax payers money?

- Drainage: I am aware that many structures and developments require a certain amount of land for run off so the river isn't polluted by fertilizers, oils from cars, misc wastes such as washing down a stadium with spilled beer, sode and hotdogs scraps?

- Will the square footage of the development and paved areas exceed what was originally approved for the housing development and if so, how are we going to mitigate the impact.

- Traffic: again, there was a development slated with what, a hundred or so homes there and the road and traffic scheme was currently updated to accommodate that. Now we are talking about 5-6000 people either walking, being dropped off or being ferried to parking garages; can the road, sidewalks, lighting, handicap provisions etc support this significant increase?

Just saying, sounds like this ball park stadium should be built across the river near the Battleship; just think how much better that would be and you could look at it from the deck of Level 5 and say, gee how Wilmington has grown.


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