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My opinion is that if

My opinion is that if someone is charged with a DWI then they should automatically be charged w/ attempted murder... Not just a felony conviction but an attempted murder conviction... because then maybe they would think twice about getting behind the wheel, b/c let's face it, that's pretty much what they are doing is putting others lives at risk... Right now it's a slap on the hand, a "don't do that again Johnny.. we're going to take your license for a year, but you can still drive to work or school or a religious function... b/c you're such a good Samaritan and you follow the law so well we're sure you won't drive without your license.... so that's enough to teach you a lesson..." forget about the other people’s lives that were at risk... It's a blessing this woman's family was not home during the incident and I just pray she is able to recoup all that is lost over an idiots selfish choices...


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