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I'm not an armchair captain...

I'm a licensed one. Here goes...all the peeps only look at the final result, which was certainly a disaster, but your lack of understanding of the dozens of decisions which were made well in advance of these two events coming together (HMS Bounty vs. Hurricane Sandy) illustrates nothing but your command of the simple. So, an investigator is going to ask dozens of questions like:

When did Bounty get underway? Date/Time. When did Sandy form? Date/time. Where? When did the Captain know about it? What weather information was available to him? Where could he have run to avoid the storm? How fast could the Bounty make? (Speed. Time. Distance. HMS Bounty and storm.) What kind of experience had he had on the Bounty with similar storms? What are the licensing requirements for the operation of the tall ship? What was the failure (mechanical) that allowed the ship to come DIW and what force allowed free communication with the ocean (flooding seawater). Once at sea, what were his options for a lee? Speed. Time. Distance. Could he have made it. Did the Bounty have adequate communications with shore, and lifesaving equipment. What actions did the Captain take once he knew he was in peril?

I've run like a scalded dog from hurricanes in the GOM, Caribbean, and Atlantic. Until you've done it, experienced it, prepared for it, and survived it, you are just a pup. If your lucky, you have 5 days to prepare for one...but you can be out in middle of the ocean and literally get overtaken. It's not like pulling off at the nearest rest stop.

Until you can answer these questions, and a dozen more definitively, you're just a knucklehead.


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