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One not so small misstep for Melissa Gott and ...

... one giant misstep for Rhonda Amoroso and the local GOP.

It seems pretty apparent that Melissa Gott's personal residence in not actually in New Hanover county. By continuing to insist it is, she's opened herself up to all sorts of unintended consequences. For a smart person, that's not very smart.

It's also pretty apparent that Rhonda Amoroso was aware of this as well. Ms. Amoroso then extended this travesty even further by inferring that this possibly was actually about discrimination against women or Hispanics. That was a truly despicable moment.

If voters have any brains at all they'll go out of their way to insure that both Gott and Amoroso are no longer included in any form of government leadership from this day forward. With all of the unproven liars already in politics, why include two who have already proven themselves to be so untruthful.

If the local GOP organization has any brains at all, they'll go out of their way to remove Amoroso from a leadership position. To do otherwise would place their entire organization under a cloud of voter mistrust which would ultimately compromise its effectiveness.


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