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I have lived in southeastern

I have lived in southeastern North Carolina for all of my almost 42 years and have waited out every hurricane that has hit since 1970 with the exception of Gloria. It is always on the news about the ships in Norfolk being sent out to see as a storm approaches because it is safer out in the ocean than in the dock. From what I read the other day, the ship left before there was a Hurricane Sandy and the Captain was trying to get it out of the path of the storm. Since the investigation into the incident has only begun we can only guess at what happened. You don't know how long they were in distress. You don't know how long they were without power. You don't know how long the crew struggled to save the ship before the Captain gave the order to abandon ship.

I have never sailed. The only ship I have ever been on is the one docked across the river from Wilmington (the Battleship), but I am intelligent enough to figure out that the Captain of a ship knows more about these things than I do and I imagine that he would never knowingly put his crew in harm's way. You have a lot of nerve to sit there and make judgments regarding something you obviously know nothing about.


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