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I could really care less what side you are on, but you should show respect to any president we have and address them with such respect. The remarks that are being made are not only racist but shows how stupid and redneck some of you people can be. Oh no! the United States was not fixed in 4 Years... I truly believe nobody could of fixed the mess we were in, in such couldnt of been done by anyone, it takes time to fix a broken economy. For those that will comment and say what you will, I'm educated and understand goverment, I know that Congress has Veto'ed alot of progress. I dont get my news from Facebook or TV...So no, Im not just part of the Democratic Party but I support all the good laws thaey pass to help those in need. When I say in need, Im not talking about lazy people Im talking about the jobless, children and elder. And People from up North, please stop saying you know whats best for us here..


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