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Yes! In Chicago, backyard

Yes! In Chicago, backyard chickens are kept on lots typically 25' x 125'.

Wilmington needs to get the "big picture" on this issue. Any lot that's big enough for a small dog is more than large enough for a couple of hens. Rather than embarass themselves by enforcing a well-intentioned, but mis-directed ordinance, Wilmington ought to review and rewrite the applicable ordinance(s).

Backyard chickens do not require a barn, feedlot, manure pit, corral, or any of the other things that larger animals considered "livestock" need. Calling them "farmyard animals" or "barnyard animals" intentionally confuses the issue.

Our son is Autistic, and gets along very well with chickens. We are hoping to have our own coop next spring, and are currently battling our own village on this issue. Therapy is where you find it!


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