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"THe only thing i see

"THe only thing i see applicable from that article is posssible additional cost during construction. An attendance comparison is not apples to apples give the location."

Thats absolutely wrong.
The gist of the article is that local government officials fell for the study that said this would thrive and their community and provide an economic benefit.
This is EXACTLY what has happened here - it's what happened in Gwinnett county and has happened across our country.
the studies used to promote these things is tragically flawed.

And - when you think about Gwinnett think about Richmond. They refused to cave into the Braves so the Braves up and left when Richmond refused to replace the Diamond for the team.

The people supporting this venture for us are short sighted and like ostriches have their heads buried in the sand.
Think about it.....
If NSS is wrong we're in for some very hard lessons to be learned.
The study was flawed in Gwinnett.......



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