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Eat, Drink, and get Ripped Off

“South Street Partners and Port City Baseball held an informational happy hour Thursday to give voters and taxpayers the facts about the ballpark and bond referendum, hoping to get those on the fence to vote yes.”

It is a fact that PCB (port city baseball) has double standards. They have joined forces with anyone and everyone that has something to gain from this stadium project. All of their predictions (lies) have been exposed over and over again. Then they have the gall to act like AFP (Americans for Prosperity) is an invading army trying to conquer the area. AFP donated money to the side opposed to using tax payer funding for this project. THAT IS ALL…..AFP has nothing to gain monetarily by doing this. The pro side has Mandalay, the Braves, their billionaire owner (5.4 billion dollars), and all the developers donating to their side. All of these people and corporations gain millions of dollars in profits if this deal passes. This is millions in tax payer money. The Mayor, most of City Council and even the Chamber of Commerce have jumped on this bandwagon. You have to start to wonder how many hands are in the “millions of dollars pie” that will be divided up should this pass………..When you consider that privately built stadiums cost 10 to 15 million dollars less than publicly funded stadiums, it is easy to see why so many are still trying to sell a tax payer funded project that others will build with private investment.
Let the private investors build this stadium and this area will see “ANY and ALL” economic benefit immediately. Let Mandalay convince the tax payers they “owe” a billionaire a stadium, and the area sees “zero” return on a 54 million dollar investment. The only ones who will profit will be the ones pushing for this stadium project; the tax payers get the bill…………

AFP is not the demon in this con game. The Billionaire Beggars Club is the one asking tax payers to fund a 54 million dollar stadium for a man whose wealth is 5.4 billion dollars. It does not matter how you do the math, this does not make any sense…….


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