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Jimmy Fletcher

Ok Trojan Parents and Fans, Time for us to speak up AGAIN and get us a new coaching staff West Brunswick. Here we are again with the season over. Again this year we ran up the middle and ran up the middle. We had two good running backs and thats all we had. We couldn't pass at all because of our quarterback, when we had a kid riding the beach that could have probably beaten cleveland with his arm, but as always Fletcher, Orrock, Hanks and the other coaches play favorites and only cetain kids play and most of the time play both sides of the ball, all because their mother teaches at West brunswick. These kids at west are never given the opportunity to compete for the positions, as It was told by one coach named sirgal or surgol, it is predetermined that the two kids of the teacher at west are playing no matter what. The next issue are the attitudes of the players, throwing helmets, cursing at coaches and cursing at other players and well as pushing coach Hardy. Now for the future, lets get a new coaching staff, if Fletcher is locked in and staying as coach, then lets get rid of Orrock, who plays favorties most of all. Lets find a offensive coach that knows football, and not up the middle or the option. Football as well as other high school sports are suppose to help give kids a purpose to stay in school and a feeling of team and belonging and self worth, But Orrock with you and your favortism and non-coaching ability it tears the kids now and makes them feel worthless, just remember how many kids quit this year because of your favortism, not to mention the seniors that quit and the others YOU made stand on the sidelines. I look at the other schools in the county and the ones we played, These coaches and teams included and welcomed the parents to be apart of the team, We as west brunswick parents were made to feel like that we had to stay away and we had better not say anything or our kids would be punished and not allowed to play. There is no sense of community and team or team spirit with Orrock or Fletcher. Orrock I hope your conscience eats away at you because of how you have treated some of the kids and played favorites. Heart, Effort and Fire brings your championships, not favoritism.


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