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Commenting a little late but...

...thank you, Kevin, from an almost lifelong resident of NJ (born in Buffalo, moved to NJ as an infant), as Kevin well knows. I've been friends with him for 15 years now (Happy Birthday, by the way!), and I remember very well the summer you spent up here when we were in college. We had some great times and fond memories made at Rutgers U, down on Long Beach Island, and many other locales in the Garden State, and I know what NJ means to him. So thank you again, Kev.

My family and I were spared the devastation that so many, including in our own town - even on neighboring blocks - faced and are still facing. The big thing on most Jerseyans minds now is the fact that this do-nothing Congress, led by Eric Cantor and his band of merry morons, doesn't see fit to provide the federal aid that our state so desperately needs. I didn't vote for him, but I applaud, admire, and respect our governor, Chris Christie, for fighting the way he has (like a true NJ boy) to get that much-needed relief. Unfortunately, his efforts have only yielded a small fraction of the money requires to get NJ completely back on its feet. We're resilient people, and we will come out the other side of this, but we need help, just as folks in Florida, Louisiana, and yes, North Carolina have needed help when they have been hit by natural disasters. We need good people all around the country to stand up and tell Congress what they already know - that this is not about political gamesmanship, this is about real people who are really hurting, as both Kevin and the previous commenter noted. So what if Gov. Christie toured the state with President Obama? That's his JOB. Should the people of NJ really be penalized because our governor did his job?

Forgive the political rant, but from my view in the admittedly cheap seats, this looks like politics over people, once again. However, as one of the 8 million or so proud New Jerseyans, I remain hopeful.


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