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Clear choice

At the very least, it seems this election has been marred by everything except facts. To often, race, political ideology and rampant scare tactics have overwhelmed the seemingly obvious facts about the state of the country. In an effort to bring some sense to the election tomorrow, I would like to list a few undisputable facts that should be very concerning. I have tried to stay away from personal attacks and my own beliefs. Please check out every one of these. Don’t just believe me.
US Economy
1. 6 Trillion dollars more in debt
2. More Americans living below the poverty line than anytime since the 60’s
3. Only 9 times since 1948 have we had Unemployment rates in October at or above
7.9%. 4 of those times have been in the last 4 years
4. Gas prices
5. Student tuition rates have risen 25% in four years
6. The Median income level (adjusted for inflation) in the US has dropped over the
past 4 years and is now at the lowest level since 1995
7. Economists predict, at the current level of growth, it will take 9-10 years for the
economy to get back on track
Simply put, if you had someone that you hired to run your company and had been in the job for 4 years and their contract was coming to an end, my guess is that you would not re-hire them.
If you are not familiar with “Fast and Furious” and what happened to our fellow Americans in Benghazi, please search those, the timelines and how the administration handled each.


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