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My response to your “undisputable facts” about the economy is that the economic downturn is the direct cause of the prior administration and that the President has done more than anyone else could have done to avoid a second “Great Depression” and move the country forward. The increase in debt was unavoidable to prevent a greater more extended crash!

I am tired of people trying to blame the current economic crisis on the President. For many years, I was naive and voted as a straight ticket Republican thinking that it is for family values and not really thinking that the statement would be offensive to others (implying that somehow Democrats were immoral because of their vote). I humbly apologize. I switched last election and voted for Obama because of our image abroad, our financial crisis (which later cost me my job), need for insurance reform, and for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nobody - even keen economists - knew just how bad the economy would fall, but it was in a downfall when Obama took office and it was through his leadership that we avoided a second great depression. The collapse of the secondary mortgage market and loss of many people's wealth and retirement due to lack of regulatory oversight (Republican free-market ideology - more idiotic) mired the Bush Administration. Under Obama, the stock market has seen great improvement. Employment was in a downward spiral when Obama took office and since unemployment reached a double digit peak in October 2009 due to no fault of the president, the unemployment rate now is below 8%. The clear choice to me is that we should not go backwards, but continue on the current pace for improvement.

Romney wants to continue to have lower taxes for the wealthiest Americans while cutting back on needed programs which are integral part of the recovery. Middle income families will continue to be taxed by default of the wealthiest Americans not paying their fair share. It seems that the Republican Party has gone too far right and are alienating middle income groups not to mention woman's rights.

After the last election where I bucked the trend and voted for Obama, I found out that President Obama is my distant cousin. I know he dearly loved his grandmother and her grandmother was an Allred. The Allreds came over from a small village called Eccles near Manchester, England. They were arrested in England for attending Quaker and Presbyterian services. They came to the US in the early 1700s with the assistance of William Penn. They were early settlers in NC with 2 land grants in 1750s near Asheboro, NC. They were regulators and patriots. Obama's line went west into Tennessee/Arkansas. The rest is history. The Allred Family Organization has extensive research and even DNA testing to show that the Allreds are all related. Indeed, I am proud of my Cousin and pray that he is elected to another term. I sincerely believe that he is a good person, very smart and unwilling to compromise his integrity. I believe he has done better than any other president could have done under the same circumstances.

He deserves 4 more years!




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