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You just outted yourself as a bleeding heart leftwing liberal. Its people like you that have infested the legal system and gave this peice of human excrement repeated chances instead of a strong dose of "TOUGH LOVE" as you'd call it and throw him in jail where he belonged. I dont doubt he has a raging case of alcholism as a healthcare worker Ive seen plenty of it. But the truth is this person CHOSE to get behind the wheel on repeated occasion while severely impaired and it appears 1/2 the time also managed to get into accidents (multiple charges of leaving the scene of the accident). Odds dictate that eventually he would take the life of some innocent person. QUIT MAKING EXCUSES FOR THIS PERSON. HE DID IT. HES RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS ACTIONS. Its people like you that want to blame everybodyelse for their problems make me and others sick. Quit blaming others and quit expecting the government to bail you out. (Ask the people in the North East how thats working for them trying to clean up from Sandy.. Amazing the Mainstream Media isnt trashing FEMA since this disaster rivals it and the total failure of FEMA yet again but I guess since its OBAMAs FEMA you cant speak ill of the Food Stamp Messiah)


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