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Taking a Human Life by Choice.

Your comments are so cold and out of place right now! This mans family has lost a loved one by someone that evidently does not care and most likely has had numerous opportunities to change. Their pain is unbearable and this mans side of the story is clear, he is a DRUNK and he knew what he was doing! And, even Jesus is going to send people to HELL! You should not overlook that in trying to take up for drunken, disgusting, sinful men that KILL other human beings, that they choose to drive drunk! Sure, God loves everyone, but we are responsible for our own actions, and I feel quite sure that He does not love those who kill His children and a beloved soul. Should this man ask for forgiveness and completely change his heart and soul and live humbly for God, then he will go to Heaven, but for now he has to accept responsibility and no one should take up for him. Let him have the same pain as the family he destroyed. Believe you me, in my teachings of the Word, God would not like such a selfish end of one of HIS Children! God bless his family and God bless you.

The Alsup Family


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