Submitted by Matt Ray on Mon, 11/05/2012 - 11:49pm.

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Election Day is just hours away, giving candidates little time to make a lasting impression on voters. Today Democrat Walter Dalton took advantage of the lunch rush at a Wilmington restaurant on this final full day of campaigning in his race for governor. Dalton and his wife stopped by the Dixie Grill this afternoon for lunch. While he was there, he took the chance to shake a few hands and rally some last-minute support. Although polls have the lieutenant governor running behind former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, Dalton remains confident. "Polls don't vote," Dalton said. "That's a snapshot. That's polling a thousand people to represent 4.2 or 4.3 Million. I have seen polls that are way out of line this close to the election before. I've been in races where polls have been this far out of line so I'm very encouraged." Today Dalton's campaign put out a release saying a new Public Policy Polling survey shows the Democrat has gained six points in the last ten days, but that still has him seven points behind McCrory. Meanwhile McCrory made an appearance at Wingate University outside of Charlotte today. The Republican tailored his message to the younger crowd pledging that he would work to improve the state economy so that students can find work after graduation. As for those polls that show him leading, McCrory also did not put much weight on those. "I don't trust polls," McCrory said. "You've got to remember I lost in '08. I trust the final results. And although the polls look great, and I'd rather be in that position, I know we have to fight until the end." While Dalton has been closing in, McCrory has shown no movement in the polls for more than a week. More than two million people have already voted across the state, but Dalton says he still thinks he has a chance to sway some undecided voters.

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