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Not surprising

If we look back, to the school that had children singing about Obama, the kid that was sent home for wearing a Romney shirt, and the lunch police we can clearly see an agenda.

Make no mistake, teachers (not all) are always in the tank for Dems.
There is a plank in the Dem platform that throws money at teachers and education. We have been pouring billions into it with results that are unacceptable in the private sector.

There was recently a story about a teacher using m&ms to demonstrate math skills that her teacher used 20 years ago. This is the cutting edge money pit we're financing?

If vouchers were used, you would see instant results from a system mired in mediocrity and substandard performance.
The school system would be forced to fire incompetent teachers, and hire competent ones that excel.

Not all teachers are inept. But there is definitely a political agenda.
The "election" held in this article prove that these students don't see the miserable and total failure of Obama and Dalton.


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