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I hate election years. I

I hate election years. I hate campaign ads on the television and radio. The signs don't bother me except when they are placed in such a way that makes me unable to see oncoming traffic when trying to turn out of my neighborhood.

I hate the media doing everything they can to influence the process. Fox News showed their true colors this year when they joined the mainstream media in trying to silence Ron Paul. Fox News is not "fair and balanced". Contrary to what many may believe, Fox News is not conservative. Fox News is just a mouthpiece for the republican party. I will say this for Fox News--at least they are reporting on the voter intimidation in Philadelphia. At least they are airing the story about the poll worker in High Point, NC "helping" a woman, who was unsure of what to do, by telling her to push the buttons for the democratic candidates.

I hate that people consider the elections to be a two-party vote and that those who vote for third party candidates are throwing away their votes. I voted third party for the fourth straight election. If everyone would vote for the candidate who best reflects their beliefs and opinions, then we would wind up with better people in office. But, everyone is stuck on "I've got to vote for who I think will win" or "I am going with the lesser of two evils". If you vote for the lesser of two evils, then you are still voting for evil.

This year the Republicans cemented my decision to become an unaffiliated voter. Their treatment of Ron Paul at the convention was a downright disgrace. He was a viable candidate and had some of the delegates, but the Republicans were apparently afraid that he could pull an upset, but why should they let their agenda stand in the way of the Constitutional electoral process?

This whole election has been sickening. We are doomed regardless of which idiot wins the presidential election. We are just less doomed if Romney wins.


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