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The broken GOP machine

Well GOP you had it in your grasp and you blew it. That is right, you blew it. Can't blame this one on anybody else but the 'good old boy' network. Let's take a look at how the did themselves in. Last election and when the district was even more Democrat favored, Pantano came very close to beating McIntyre. Well Pantano came back in a fury with a very strong backing locally and nationally and with the new district, probably would have taken McIntyre out this go around. But the 'good old boys' just couldn't handle that. No, they thought with redistricting they were working on a Republican 'lock' so they would just move 'one of their own' in. Here comes Rouser. Team player, party man. But not the clear choice of a vastly large number of Republicans and an even larger number of Independents that are needed to win a race. So, in the end here is what happened. Many Republicans and even more Independents P*ssd at the manipulations of the 'good old boys' did the old 'knee jerk' and voted for McIntyre. Or better put, against the manipulators. So all you good old boys that put the squeeze on the popular choice of the voting conservatives in this area with your antics, have a nice couple years knowing you threw away the seat!


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