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How to home team it

We don't need an expensive ball park. A bit of cinder block, common lumber, chain link, and some modest lights will do just fine. Let vendors come in without fees. Charge next to nothing for admission. Gravel parking lot. Basically, make an "old school" small town pattern field on an appropriate scale. Get players who are actually local, and we'll love them even if they get their butts kicked. Basically, give the people something they can afford and will actually enjoy. You know, we've got that big expensive new convention center and despite the fact that I live downtown and always look for something interesting to do around here I've never even seen an event for that venue that seemed remotely worthwhile. And we paid what? You know, the real kicker, I think, is that tourists would probably flock to a simple and nostalgic type of ball park -- all we'd need is local enthusiasm -- which high fees, high taxes, expensive vendors and distantly recruited players are never going to produce, no matter how many games they win or how many gold plated urinals you install in the place.


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