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An Ode to Baseball - Wilmington Style

[ How the “Pro’s” saw it … ]
As you sit in the bleachers with ten dollar beers
take a look skyward and see what appears.
Why it’s Saffo and cronies in their private box;
there’s Chucky and Terry,
with Scotch on the Rocks!

Now Mandalay’s paying for all that they’ve got
and it’s all air-conditioned in case it gets hot.
Champagne corks will rain on the bleachers below;
hey, Mandalay’s buying …..
no need to drink slow!

So the Braves will make money as will Mandalay,
just not the taxpayers at end of the day.
So throw out the first pitch and let ‘em play ball.
No need for a vote in November at all ……..
‘cause only taxpayers are taking the fall!

[ However … ]
November was coming and as taxpayers know
opposition got larger and continued to grow.
No matter the numbers the “Pro’s” tried to spin,
and lies they kept telling, again and again,
it was a big rip-off, and would never win.

So when ballots were counted at end of the day,
bye bye to Atlanta, same with Mandalay!
They treated taxpayers with zero respect.
No wonder that voters said they would reject
the plan by big baseball (now hopefully wrecked).

[ Pre-epilog … ]
And as for insiders who went on a mission
to scheme with big baseball (perhaps for commission);
the smart will stay quiet, just like a mouse.
They all know what’s coming ..........


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