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The Progressive Movement which has hijacked the Democratic Party is a socialist-marxist agenda which thinks Government is responsible for everybody's wellbeing. Additionally the Progressive movement brought us Prohibition the biggest fiasco and mistake in the 20th century. If you look at whats happenening those states with high tax and spend and budget issues are losing population because people are sick of the confiscatory nature of those governments and punishing people for success (these are truly those who create jobs and companies), those policies are the real reason why people are moving jobs overseas due to the US having the largest tax burden on business in the entire industrialized world. What will happen next is people will not only leave those states with high taxes they will simply LEAVE the USA.. Who are you going to tax when the money flees the country?? You'll have nobody left to support the lazy welfare mom with 10 children who cant stay off her back. The left espouses choice and birth control yet this seems to be a serious problem with the welfare state there is no penalty for not controlling your birthing habits beyond any reasonable limit. The free ride is going to come to an end people. John Galt is alive and well and when those who are the best and brightest LEAVE THE USA you wont have anybody left to support your socialist wannabe utopia.


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