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Funny u mention our debt, &

Funny u mention our debt, & what we owe China... Had we voted 4 mittens, I guess u would understand if We all had to fork ours over & he just keeps all his hidden out of the country. He lost his own state, that should be enough said right there, obviously they know the country wouldn't fare well with their governor as president!!! Funny we've seen that Obama has been nothing but honest, & Romney has been caught in lie after lie ... but no matter what u would rather have the crooked one in the office.... Just because his white skin makes him more appealing. .. How stupid of you!!! I dnt care how much U deny it, there's no other reason not to want Obama in office except the fact that his skin is the wrong color... But guess what patriots, u owe himbthe same respect u gave a Bush, & he's the one that dug this despicable joke Romney tried to throw US back in!!! So put ur bug boy pants on, & take pride in the works of democracy, thus IS America, & if u want it one-sided, try Cuba; Castro would know just how to treat you!!!


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