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smoking ban

If you whiney butts would have just thrown your cig butts in the trash where they belong I doubt this ban would have even been on the ballot. But NOOOO smokers believe that once that butt leaves their fingers not their problem. Someone else would clean up after their lazy butts. Still I believe if they would just enforce the litter law & charge each time someone litters. I feel the ban was a waste of taxpayer $$$ when tossing butts is littering. I see them everywhere.

I've been to smokefree beaches & it definitely didn't stop the thousands of people going plus it was a great boom for their economy because it is so clean & butt free. On a holiday weekend there would be 10,000plus tourists on the beach-had to get there early just to have a spot for the chair. I really enjoyed walking the beaches without stepping over butts. The residents even volunteered their time for their town to educate tourists, set up beautiful gazebos for smokers, free parking at the beach front. Granted there were buttheads who would light up on the beach & it wasn't long before someone would say something then if they refused then the police would be called in. Mostly folks would follow the smoke free law.


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