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Not surprising

This is certainly not surprising. As a former long-term resident of WB and a smoker, I can understand both sides. However, I will not be returning there on vacation. It is a shame that a few people ruinned it for everyone. I used to pick up other people's cigarrete butts when coming in from a surf. I can certainly understand the ban from a littering stand point, but I used to see lots of other forms of litter as well, such as food wrappers, cups, soda cans, water bottles, etc. Therefore, I propose that all food and drink of any kind be banned at Wrightsville Beach. Let's really keep the beach clean!

Sounds rediculous? It's just as rediculous as banning smoking. It is fairly simple really. Non-smokers have no concept of how inconveient it is for smokers. They treat it as if it is just something that a person chooses to do. Airports are a perfect example of this. Folks, I have news for you. Smoking is an "addiction," not just a choice. If society wants to ban smoking everywhere, then they should make it illegal, and I am in favor of this. Even though I do plan to quit in the near future, I do recognize the fact that as long as smoking is legal, people have a right to smoke and to ban smoking in an outdoor area is absurd. Cigarrete smoke outdoors is a nuissance, not a health risk. If you want to ban it because of that, then you should ban automobiles because of their emissions. Perhaps, if you loaded up your mini van and went on a camping trip to the mountains you would be dumb founded if the camp ground didn't allow camp fires (which produce a lot more emissions than cigarretes).

Is any of this sounding rediculous? Really? So just how far do you want to take it? Logically, these are all valid arguments! Well, as for me, I will be vacationing else where.


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