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She's the head of the

She's the head of the Chamber of Commerce? Isn't she supposed to know how business actually works?

"We don't have lots of big industry. We don't have lots of huge employers, so we have to take every opportunity we can, every enhancement we can to make this community viable."

Connie, if you knew anything about business, instead of just leeching off the government (ie your fellow taxpayers), you'd know that small business creates the most jobs in the country. The best way to support those, and every other business in Wilmington, is to lower the tax burden (we have, I believe, the third highest of all 50k+ cities in the state) and to reduce burdensome regulations.

The way to kill jobs is to raise the tax burden, which this would have done, and to pick and chose winners in an economy, which makes it more difficult upstarts to compete because the government has already given a huge advantage to one company.



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