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The Chamber

I don't believe the city should be donating any monies to this organization. Why? The answer is simple. The baseball stadium became a political issue when council put it to the voters. Much like the National level Chamber of Commerce they have gone far beyond the interests of business and industry and have embroiled themselves in partisan politics.
But in THIS situation Majure-Rhett has failed to note something that has made me think badly about this organization. She said:
" "We don't have lots of big industry. We don't have lots of huge employers, so we have to take every opportunity we can, every enhancement we can to make this community viable.""

Out of our top 10 employers 6 are government or quasi government entities. I count NHRMC as quasi government. The others are PPD, Verizon, GE and Corning. All of these businesses have located or expanded here in the last decade.
Majure-Rhett has fallen for the line that the stadium is desperately needed without thinking along a macro economic scale. That is to say in tough 'national' economic times you cannot expect a lot of growth from large employers. So it is only natural that large employers are not moving here.
But according to her statement - since the stadium bond failed - we are no longer "viable." Oh the horror of it all. I must make plans to move out as Wilmington is failing. This of course is poppycock. In tough economic times stagnation is much better than having company's moving out which is where Wilmington is at.
Growth will happen Ms Rhett.
But we cannot succumb to the desperation argument because it does not hold water here. We are a tourist area - it is by far our largest industry. A stadium will not impact tourism nor will it gain by it.
Your argument of desperation smacks of idiocy. Spending $144M between a stadium and a convention center that would both employ less than 50 people TOTAL is wasteful and loses sight of what GOOD economic development is about.
You Ma'am have failed miserably at your job. Your public statements about the stadium and the peripheral arguments have made you a laughingstock in this city. Not because it failed at the voting booth but because your arguments for the stadium are just plain bad business!!! I know of no business that would invest $54M for 25 jobs UNLESS the business were to make a profit.
In this case the city would have invested $54M for someone else to make the profit. If I were Mandalay hell yeah I'd do that in a heartbeat and wouldn't give a darn about the city. Obviously your support of this fiasco indicates you don't give a darn about it either.

But that's OK Ms Rhett - it's no longer viable as the stadium bond failed. You can move out.



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