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NO Means NO!

To the Mayor/Council and all that pressed for a stadium here:

The vote of "NO" for this ball park only proves that you representatives did not do your homework on this issue (tax payers interest) as other projects you have submitted or even gone ahead with...without citizens interest and or approval.
One thing you all get credit for supported a tax payers vote on this project...but merely with hopes of saving face come election time. Well...even letting this go before a vote won't help your chances come election time of becoming re-elected to office.
The American people are coming to a breaking point with Government, "and" Government "Useless" spending that merely makes us pay more and more of hard earned dollars in a day and age of Americans trying to recoupe from a financial tragedy which started way before the crumble of Wall Street in 2008...which gave birth the the Wall Street tragedy. Look at the homeless Americans today as a result of incompetent leaders.
Your "Pushy" tactics with this fiasco of a rejected dream by our Mayor and "Team" fell back into your laps with you knew it would.
No one blames Council for fighting hard to pass what they thought was a Dream of a Life's our American right. But it is also to your best interest, as it is for the citizens you represent, to work together instead of having an attitude, as Saffo did in the Pro/Con debate on video 2 weeks or so ago...stating that he could not understand why those of us that pushed back at him, were doing so with so much force.
That is the way American was founded...politicians have tried and succeeded for years to turn it around...and Americans are getting sick of it.
Hope you find other work in a couple of'll need luck!


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